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Weather App

Weather App is a mobile application that allows users to check the weather in their current location or any location they choose. The app uses Core Location to get the user's GPS data and display the weather for their current location with the user's permission. Users can also input a city name of their choice using the UITextField feature. The app features a dark-mode option, allowing users to switch between a light and dark color scheme. The Weather App also uses vector images to enhance the user interface. To get the weather data, the app makes HTTP requests with URLSession to a weather API. The app uses JSONDecorder to parse the JSON data returned by the API.


parallax's project

I worked on an HTML/CSS/JS project that incorporated the parallax CSS effect to create the illusion of camera movement as users scroll through the webpage. During my project, I came across a library called GSAP, which offers tools like ScrollTrigger and ScrollSmoother to enhance the scrolling effect. I also calculated the size of headers depends of the size of window.


Simple Recipes

Simple Recipes - a personal project built by using React.js, Gatsby, GraphQL, and CSS. All content is located on Contentful API. This project has cool features like filtering recipes by tags and auto-rendering a particular page if new content is added.

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Full-Stack Developer


Vancouver, BC, Canada

03/2023 - present

Actively participated in code reviews and engaged in productive stand-up calls to facilitate efficient development processes.

Demonstrated proficiency in testing, troubleshooting, and resolving technical issues.

Rewrote existing components to improve speed and new features from third-party libraries.

Conducted testing and debugging of applications to ensure high-quality software.

Maintained close communication with project managers and product owners to ensure timely delivery of projects within allocated budgets.

Utilized React Native, Xcode, and Swift to integrate new components and support functions into a mobile application, providing users with exciting new features.

Fostered effective collaboration with cross-functional teams to ideate, develop, and deploy innovative features and applications.

Implemented advanced technologies such as PostgreSQL, Prisma, Next.js, and Chakra.UI to transform web applications, resulting in a remarkable 20% enhancement in website speed.

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2024 Web_Developer