About me

About me

I believe in the order, consistency, and logic of code. Writing code is challenging where only one mistake in dozens of code lines can lead to a complete fail. At the same time, it makes me happy when I’m struggling with a bug and after some effort and analyzing code, finally find the solution.

When I work on a big project it’s so important to keep your code clean so anybody could read it easily. Personally, I prefer the quality of the code above the speed of writing it. I think good tests play a very important role here. The project is done when the code has perfect structure and logic, it’s optimized, bug-fixed and can be supported or upgraded easily. This is a job I would be proud of.

Coding gives me an opportunity to feel like an artist because I can create applications that serve people in their daily activities. Something that speeds up the routine, automates the processes, or even saves lives. It’s so inspiring to work on such kinds of projects.

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